Blue WingsŪ Non profit Organization

BLUE WINGS® Background:

It is rightly said that once a person doesn't go through and suffers himself/herself the miseries of life, one could never understand the pain, suffering and helplessness of others in same struggling situation.This is a bundle of true stories with which various characters resulted through unique, most hardest & unforgettable experiences of life.


Therefore, stating with the main character: A person, fighting with a deadliest disease came to realize what God wanted him to do. One's life was at the corner of death almost. Continues pain and exhausted suffering at-last caused the outburst. One weeps before the LORD and cry out loud in his merciful presence for deliverance and recovery so that one could serve Lord God and his people through proclaiming his word and helping those in pain. God listens to one's cry and restore one with everything one had lost

Mr.  Robinson Riaz is  a founding members of this Organization which know where the food for flesh and spiritual food for lost souls in badly needed. His mission is to  initiate productive projects with community renovated  partnerships  for the betterment of the people. His team compromises of the same young individuals who devoted themselves for this cause. One of them is his key member Mr Kashif Daniel who assists him in discharging the agenda of the Organization and plannings. Other most prominent member of the team is Ms. Jufincila Riaz who is a very dedicated and brilliant lady who loves to share the word of God and spread hope, love and encouragment to little chidren in study group.

President Blue Wings                                                                                                          

Mr. Prince Robinson                                                                                                        

Contact: +92322804627                                                                



PROJECTS SUPERVISOR TEAM                            

Evg. Riaz Mahmood                                                   Ms.  Jufincila Riaz               











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